He does not write sonnets. He does not dedicate love songs. He does not fill bathtubs with rose petals. He doesn’t even unload groceries most of the time.

But when the time came for me to rent a car last summer, he made sure there was a Mustang GT, v-8, in red waiting for me at the airport. And yes, it does go from 0 to 60 in under five seconds. (Don’t worry, I didn’t try it with the kids in the car.) This is the kind of thing I appreciate about my husband.

Here’s what else:

1. He takes my old minivan to gas up before a snowstorm, and he’s the one who
cleans the salt and mud off after the snow has melted.
2. He never, ever hassles me about the bills.
3. He does laundry, even lingerie, and he does it RIGHT.
4. He makes a mean Margarita, and doesn’t count how many I’ve had. If there’s a little pressure behind the eyes at daybreak, he’ll bring me an Advil and tell me I didn’t say anything embarrassing, even If I did.
5. He encourages me to fall asleep on the sofa, in sweats and warm socks, if I am “tired.” (I’m not a person who can admit to being sick).
6. He stays up with sick children. If I am exhausted he will take a shift, even if he has to go to work in the morning. He understands how lucky he is to have a family, and doesn’t want to miss any of it.
7. He will help me clean up in a hurry if someone calls and says they’re coming over.
8. He will watch the PBS version of “Pride and Prejudice” with me for the seventy third (or seventy fourth?) time and listen to me sing the praises of the very young and handsome Colin Firth.
9. Sometimes, he even listens to country music, or takes me to a concert where some cowboy from down home is singing about Georgia red clay, turnip greens and/or drinking Tequila. It’s easy to forgive the eye rolling.
10. His recipe for banana chocolate chip pancakes is to die for.
11. He has a deep, hearty, and joyful laugh, which can drag me out from the darkest emotional doldrums. Nothing makes him laugh harder than the facial expression of a small child who has eaten something yucky, or if he hears someone use the word “poo”.
12. He can think on his feet. Once, when we were dating, my very pretty roommate walked out in a thong with her nether-regions fully visible from where we sat watching TV. He could have reacted ten thousand negative ways, but he looked at me with a puzzled expression and said “has she gained weight?”

There are so many more reasons to keep the guy around, but mostly it’s that he gets it that I really, really dig fast, shiny, loud cars, even if learning to drive a manual transmission is hopeless for me. “There’s nothing wrong with a girl who appreciates a big engine.” he says, and that’s why I love him.